Sunday, 10 May 2015

Alba Secunda from Baetulo

Alba Secunda is one of the teenagers from Baetulo that ESO 1 students have created. You can read her description and get to know her Domus.

Alba Secunda was created by Andrea, Júlia, Mònica, Andreu and Paula
Her name is Alba Secunda, she's 12 years old. She was born on 23rd November, 102. She has got a rich family because her father is a very important tax collector. She has got three brothers, two sisters and three pets, a horse, a cat and a little duck. In the picture she's wearing a tunic, a stola and a palla.

Her favourite food is chicken, cheese and grapes. She likes playing with dolls with her sisters. Her favourite goddess is Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, education and art because she likes learning new things and drawing.

She gets up very early because she loves learning about the house. She isn't married yet but her parents are looking for a boy. She loves going to the baths every day because she likes hot water. She goes to bed very early.

Alba's Domus

Alba's house is a very big domus. Her mother, her father, her brothers, her sisters and their pets (a white horse, a cat and a little duck) live in the house. Their slaves also live with them. The domus has only one floor. There are about ten rooms in the domus.

Her domus is in Baetulo. The town has baths and a theatre. It's important because its wine is really delicious. The city is next to another Roman city that is very important, Barcino. It was founded in the first century BC.

The domus is built of stone. It has few small windows. It also has one door made of wood. Inside the door you step into an entrance hall (the atrium), there's an impluvium with a very beautiful mosaic, it has four dolphins in it. There is a bathroom with water. There's also a dining room (triclinium) and a courtyard (peristyle), with a swimming pool and a tree. In her house there are some bedrooms for winter and some for summer. There's a kitchen to cook the food. Her father has a room only for him, the study room (tablinum). 

Monday, 9 March 2015

The twins from The Sempronia Family from Baetulo

Ariadna, Mar, Marouan and Xavier designed and created The Sempronia Family from the Roman City of Baetulo. Here you can see their drawings and descriptions.

The Sempronia Family from Baetulo
Delirius Sempronius Nero

Cinna Maior

Friday, 28 November 2014

Marcinus Petrus Sagostus from Baetulo

More presentations from mgrane

Marcinus Petrus Sagostus
Marcinus Petrus Sagostus' father

   Marcinus Petrus Sagostus' mother

Marcinus Petrus Sagostus' brother

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Roman Teenagers from Baetulo

Drawings by ESO1 students (School Year 13-14)